The power of Lying

Posted: October 6, 2013 in Humor, Insight
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What if you could no longer lie to others? Not even the ones that are harmless, like telling a girl she is a 7 even though she is a 4 so that you don’t hurt her feelings?

If you have not seen ‘The invention if Lying’ then check it out. In this film, lying has not been invented, until one day a man ( Mark Bellison who is played by and Ricky Gervais ) discovers the ability and uses it to his benefit. That example is not where I’m going with this lol.

What if one day you lied with ease, and the next day when you woke up you could not lie to save your life?! Beneficial or chaotic?….

As people we rarely study the effects of lies, even if they seem harmless. Of course we notice the large scale lies like the ones the government tells us of course lol, or when women say “I usually don’t do this but…” but if we could not lie any longer, would we be truly happy? We would find out how our “friend” of 17 years has been stabbing you in the back, taking passes at your girlfriend for months, we would learn about how you are really awful in bed, but your significant other loves you so they don’t magnify that issue. We would also learn about how our boss has been cutting your time in the hour log so he could minimize your benefits.

In a sense it is beneficial or chaotic depending on how you look at it. Of course you would lose friends and opportunities that you thought you’d enjoy, but at least life would be more transparent and open. Maybe we need lies for things to run smoothly? Can we find no middle ground? No filter to separate the harmful and harmless little fibs?

Those are rhetorical by the way. If we had those answers then life WOULD run smoother. But it’s something to think about. We go through life performing our daily routines, interacting with others and not really paying attention to how the little things may have a huge impact on an even bigger outcome. Would the lie you told your boss about you havIng explosive diarrhea affect the future a lot? Probably not, but it may affect how smoothly the day at work goes with you being absent.

Maybe there is an alternate universe in which we do not lie as much, or pay attention to how much our small decisions impact the big picture. Maybe that universe runs more smoothly than ours. Or maybe it is in compete disarray. Just a thought….

  1. Luigi Cappel says:

    I like the philosophy that if you don’t lie, you don’t have to remember what you said. Having said that, occasionally you do want to spare people’s feelings:)

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