Time CAN equal FREEDOM..Depending on how you use it

Posted: October 27, 2013 in Freedom, Insight


A lot of us have seen the move ‘Limitless’ and if you have not, watch it. Gain a little insight. The movie is about a writer who is played by Bradley Cooper. He is behind on his book and is a mess priority wise. One day while procrastinating on doing his book, he decides to take a walk and runs into his ex brother-in-law and they go have a drink to catch up. While catching up the brother in law gives Cooper a pill. This pill apparently has the capacity to unlock every facet of the brain. Meaning you will be able to access every memory, each vessel of knowledge you have ever obtained, etc. long story short it makes you into a genius. You are able to do anything and be the greatest expert at it, whether it is stocks, politics, or something innovative.

There is an idea that we are only able to access 10% of our brain. Which I believe is false because of the constant actions that we are able to perform simultaneously. Also if so much of our brain is unused, then when we experience brain damage, some functions should remain intact based on the fact that figuratively, much of it isn’t utilized anyway. The point is, I do think we are able to tap into these different avenues of our mind. The only issue is the pointless forms of info and bullshit that we prioritize. The distractions that we allow to ruin or make our day. The wasting of “time”.

Seth Godin said “Time is borrowed, wasted, spent. We find the time, slow down time, take our time. It’s Miller, quitting, clobberin’ time. We focus on the stitch in time, hard time, closing time, not to mention big, daylight savings, race against, first, last, due, nick of…Time.”

This hits so close to home for me because I always think about how much time is invented. Time started as a tool for train companies to use to organize the time zones and travel in various areas. Society as a whole uses it to determine how much time we have to complete a task, how much time it will take to get from one destination to another, and how much time we have to live.

What we do not focus on is how much time we are wasting doing things that are not necessary for us to succeed. We spend so much time doing things we do not enjoy, things that are not productive, and we justify it in many ways that are just excuses. Most of the time it is “necessary” for the greater good. What I personally do not understand is, if something is supposed to make you happy, then why experience unhappiness along that path at all? It doesn’t add up. Of course you will have adverse moments, but it should no coincide with the path you follow to joy.

That is why I say we take advantage of actual dreams, stop chasing goals that do not contribute to a meaningful legacy. The other day I asked my friends what the American dream meant to them. Although this question arose in an atmosphere that was not sober, it was a serious question, in which I wanted a serious answer. This did not go as planned, but for me I was able to answer it. To me the American dream is finding something you enjoy, utilizing your talents and using your time to figure out ways to make it into a living. Doing things on your terms and creating stability within that.

No more wasted moments. No more exerting effort towards things that do not truly matter. Time for FREEDOM.


  1. Swoosieque says:

    Quite a deep, thought-provoking, great viewpoint. I had a similar epiphany when I was diagnosed with breast cancer – time and the value of what I do with it has a whole new meaning since that day. 🙂

  2. HighBrio says:

    Thank you, I appreciate that. Glad I could write something that resonates with others.

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