Posted: December 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’m not an expert, and I do not always exude positive energy 24/7, but in order to appreciate joy, I do not need to be these things. I used to think I had to understand joy, I felt like I had to analyze my emotions instead of just FEELING. It isn’t a complex feeling, it can arise from many different situations and experiences. There is no set reason, or time when you should be joyful. There is moral code, but that is a whole other subject. Sometimes I get asked “why are you smiling” or ” what are you so happy about?” As if I need reasoning. We tend to find many reasons to be unhappy and we discover many insecurities that strip us of our smiles and laughter. We overthink and hinder our abilities to cherish the joy that life offers us. We focus on the future, goals that will “truly satisfy us down the road” once we venture down a path filled with stress and adversity. Not saying that we shouldn’t strive for something great, but we should not punish ourselves by stressing over issues that have not arisen yet. We are so focused on anticipating the next idea, or the next big moment that we don’t focus on the now. I am no expert, I am just a man that realized that life is too short to focus on WHY were joyful, and decided to just BE JOYFUL.


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